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Welcome to Akouson Classical, classical music's definitive global network and events platform.


Akouson Classical members are provided with a dedicated platform for social and artistic interaction as well as professional promotion both within and outside the Akouson Classical community. Members are also provided with the unique opportunity to participate in and attend events - such as concerts, music workshops, masterclasses and competitions - organised for Akouson Classical members and the wider public.

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE and the site is completely AD FREE.


Akouson Classical is open to:

* Instrumentalists, singers, composers, conductors and musicologists studying at any level in an institution or school as well as privately

* Professional performers (soloists, ensembles, orchestras, choirs), musicologists, academics, teachers and professors

* Classical music enthusiasts and amateurs

* Universities, colleges, conservatoires, music schools and examination boards

* Secondary school music departments supporting study and performance of Classical Music

* Classical Music venues, festivals, masterclasses, workshops, competitions and award bodies

* Societies, charities and organizations that support or fund Classical Music

* Artist agents, record labels and recording engineers

* Publishing houses, instrument makers, Classical Music shops and online services


Here's what you can do with your Akouson Classical profile:

* Connect with other members directly, create a Friends list, interact via messaging and live video chat

* Upload photos, audio tracks, videos, your biography or other related information

* Upload your events on the site's Events board and use the Invite option to invite your contacts from within or outside the network

* Customise your Page by changing design and colours or adding your own CSS code

* Use the fully optimised mobile version of the site and stay connected on-the-go

* Write blogs and start discussions

* Join Groups according to your activities/interests and connect directly with members of the same Groups

* Enjoy being part of a dedicated and ever-growing international platform for classical music that aims to connect, promote and provide opportunities for its members

* Enjoy our advertisement-free site that offers a clean and undisturbed online experience for our members

* Spread the word by inviting your contacts to join the site and help the Akouson Classical community grow


To join Akouson Classical simply click on Sign Up and follow the on-screen steps. Each new member has to be approved and we have adopted this policy in order to prevent spamming and ensure a clean online experience for our members.

Once your profile has been approved you are ready to make full use of the site. Write as much as you can about your musical activities, interests and background in the About Me section in your Page so that visitors of the site and members of the Akouson Classical community can learn as much about you and you can learn about them.

Akouson Classical has created a number of Groups which you join according to your musical activities and specialist areas. Each user is free to be a member of multiple Groups. We've tried to encompass as many areas as possible. If there are any Groups you think are missing from the network, please let us know!

To find out what each Group is about, go to the Groups Speedy Descriptions blog at the Main page. Please note that some of the groups might not appear in the All Groups section (the All Groups section appears once you've signed up) – to find them, type the Group title in the search box as it appears in the Groups' Speedy Descriptions.

We are very happy to help you decide which Groups to join so please contact us at info@akouson-classical.com


Questions, suggestions? We would like to hear from you so please do write to us at:





Founder & Director: Vicky Yannoula


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