Upload instructions

Uploading an Event on Akouson Classical is very easy and you have a variety of options.

All events that members upload onto their Page automatically appear on the Events board of the site's Main Page (opening page). Great publicity for you as both members and visitors of the site can learn about your event!

All events posted by you on Akouson Classical will be promoted on our Facebook page. So, to enjoy extra publicity keep uploading your events, don't miss out.

The Event upload tool allows you to:

* Give a title to your event

* Upload photos, videos and files from your computer

* Add links

* And an Event photo to make your Event listing stand out. If you do not add one, the default photo will appear. We do recommend that you upload your own photo and give your event more character.

* Add a description of your event. To get the most out of this feature, click on HTML once (or twice) and more options will appear which are those mentioned above!

* Add website or map

* Add address details of event and contact number or email

* Add Event type (tags)

* Make your event Public or Private

* Disable RSVP and/or hide Guest List

* Share on Facebook and Twitter

Once you create your event:

* You can add your message and invite your Akouson Classical friends

* You can add your message and invite any of your contacts outside the network

* You can input the email addresses manually or from your address books. To input manually, click on the blank white envelope. You can also input your addresses from the following sources:

Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, Facebook, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Address Book (.csv or .vcf file)

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