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A London Schubertiade: The Forge, 24th March 2015

On 24 March the Canadian bass-baritone Andrew Mahon will be performing with the South African/Israeli pianist Ammiel Bushakevitz at The Forge, Camden NW1 7NL

You have chosen to perform exclusively works by Franz Schubert. Why is…


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South London Concert Series

Launched in November 2013, the South London Concert Series was founded by harpsichordist, pianist and teacher Lorraine Liyanage and pianist, piano teacher and music blogger Frances Wilson to promote young and emerging musicians (primarily pianists) living or studying in the UK. The Series is unique as it also offers performance opportunities to non-professional and amateur…


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We love all things piano!

Run by my colleague Lorraine Liyanage and myself, the London Piano Meetup is a regular social and performance opportunity for amateur pianists age 16+. We meet at various venues in central London for masterclasses with pianists such as Graham Fitch and GéNIA of…


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Live recording of David playing his new work for solo guitar

David playing his new solo guitar work 'Lirico' live at The Studio, St James Theatre:

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'Divine Fire' - the story of Fryderyk Chopin & George Sand

The story of composer Fryderyk Chopin and writer George Sand is one of the most compelling, romantic and passionate, a nine-year love affair which continues to fascinate and grip the imagination. It is a story of creative union and artistic inspiration, of a relationship severed by ugly jealousy and recrimination, and one which ended tragically with the untimely death of Chopin…


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South London Concert Series

An exciting new venture founded by harpsichordist, pianist and teacher Lorraine Liyanage and pianist, piano teacher and music blogger Frances Wilson to promote emerging musicians (primarily pianists) living or studying in the UK.…


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Launch of London Piano Meetup Group

The launch of the London Piano Meetup Group at Peregrine's Pianos on Saturday 18th May was a very enjoyable and successful event, very well-attended, and friendly. Hosted by Lorraine Liyanage and myself, we had six performers playing repertoire by Gershwin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Brahms and Rimsky-Korsakov, and all…


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CD review: Schubertreise vol 2

Schubert: Fantasy in C 'Grazer', D 605a

Vriend: JOY (2011)

Chopin: Sonata in g, opus 65, Nocturne, opus 62/1

Debussy: Estampes…


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I run a regular interview slot on my blog The Cross-Eyed Pianist in which musicians, composers and conductors discuss many aspects of their professional working life, including influences, repertoire, recording, performing, teaching and more. The interview…


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Sounds of Silence?

The other day I was talking about John Cage's infamous 4'33" with one of my students, while giving the student an overview of music history. When we got to 20th century music, it was Laurie, not me, who offered Cage's iconic - and iconoclastic - piece as an example of 20th century music. Laurie seemed both bemused and confused that a piece of "music" should exist, with a full, written out score, which requires the musicians to stay silent. This prompted a discussion about silence in…


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Well, it's been a while since last I posted... this March I won the 2012 West Sussex Youth Music Award.

The award has a sentimental value for me, because part of the prize is to give a recital in next year's concert lineup at the Regis School of Music, where I took my first lessons. 
Thanks to luthier Pablo Requena whose excellent guitar - his first cedar lattice - I used in the competition, and am now playing.  

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Nearly There

Hey Guys,

CoLab week is almost finished so time for a new update.

So, on monday the orchestra split into the three groups and I'm in the audio visual group working with musicians thoughts and feelings.

As interesting as my project is I have found myself working on a pre planned project, this is supposed to be a collaborative work and it seems to feel like we are being told what to suggest in not so many words. I also don't really understand how it is helping me achieve…


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And the start of my CoLab project

Ok, so I've been in 10 till 5 today as the first day on my project and I set of to Blackheath halls at 9 this morning not quite knowing what to expect, needless to say when I got there to find the orchestra laid out in a circle around the conductor and I'm sitting at the front of my section directly behind the conductor, all thoughts of what I had expected left my mind instantaneously. the picture bellow shows the layout.…


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Here marks the Start of CoLab, an exciting new part of the Trinity course designed primarily to get students to work together. All projects have been allocated and all schedules have been set, and the next two weeks are full of exciting and fun things to see.

I have been placed in a xenakis orchestral project where the audience sits amongst the orchestra, there is also a second section where different groups of the orchestra will play different things and the audience walks round to…


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End of Term One

Hey Guys

Ok So its now the end of term one and i realise i haven't blogged to you in a while.

So just as a quick update; i've really enjoyed my time here so far and i think I'm gonna get so much out of it. I have now had my first assessment in Engaging Audiences but don't really know the mark yet. All I know is that everyone in the class has passed :).

After a hectic first term with lots of concerts we have all received our first assignment; an analysis of a minuet and…


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I am currently composing music for "Selling the Soil," (Luk Luk Productions for Sky 280,) a documentary about farmer's markets, to be broadcast next Spring. Will keep you posted.


I have just returned from Manchester Science Festival, where I directed three days of workshops exploring sound physics, and World rhythms, using recycled objects & materials. Around 200 people per day, of varied ages and abilities, attended the sessions. Many thanks to the organisers and…


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So, having just returned from a week's spotlighting near Berlin, I thought I might just write a little here - that's what a blog is for, I suppose.

My hometown is twinned with a borough about half an hour from Berlin called Trebbin, and last year I performed for the twinning reception when they came to England. This year I was invited to return the favour, giving two spotlight performances at the various formalities in Germany: one for the members of the twinning association, the…


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Time For A New Blog

Ok Guys I've left you waiting too long now and I've found another spare bit of time to update you as to whats going on.


Its been a while since i last updated you and quite a bit has happened. Ive now had 2 bassoon lessons that are going well, my teacher, Julie Andrews, is very good and has got me started on some technically demanding pieces including Pierné's Solo de Concert, and of course she also has me on studies and scales.

The Production of STEPS, the musical that…


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Finally a spare 10 mins

Ok so i finally got a spare 10 mins, so thought id update you as to whats been going on.


The gig i told you about in the last blog went really well which I'm so pleased about since we didn't have long to put something together, and I'm really looking forward to doing similar gigs in the future.

I have myself a job now also. its only a saturday Job at Junior Trinity, but its a job and its giving a steady income to help with expensive uni costs.

I have been put in…


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So, hello :)

As stated above, I am an undergrad at Trinity music college, which means I've been here all of two weeks. My third week is going well so far; all my lessons have now started.

Applied Musicianship is a scary class where we have to do a lot of aural skills, and also chord naming (in figured bass AND commerical notation, nonetheless) and playing things by ear.

Professional Studies is a fairly new one on the syllabus, and is basically made up of a variety of…


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