April 2013 Blog Posts (2)


I run a regular interview slot on my blog The Cross-Eyed Pianist in which musicians, composers and conductors discuss many aspects of their professional working life, including influences, repertoire, recording, performing, teaching and more. The interview takes the form of a short questionnaire, loosely based on…


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Sounds of Silence?

The other day I was talking about John Cage's infamous 4'33" with one of my students, while giving the student an overview of music history. When we got to 20th century music, it was Laurie, not me, who offered Cage's iconic - and iconoclastic - piece as an example of 20th century music. Laurie seemed both bemused and confused that a piece of "music" should exist, with a full, written out score, which requires the musicians to stay silent. This prompted a discussion about silence in…


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