So, having just returned from a week's spotlighting near Berlin, I thought I might just write a little here - that's what a blog is for, I suppose.

My hometown is twinned with a borough about half an hour from Berlin called Trebbin, and last year I performed for the twinning reception when they came to England. This year I was invited to return the favour, giving two spotlight performances at the various formalities in Germany: one for the members of the twinning association, the other for the Burgomeister and other civic dignitaries.

On reflection I think it went rather well - while the rumours about German beer aren't entirely fabricated, I won some raucous applause and a double encore at the second performance. Moreover, I've been invited by councillors of their sister German town, Weil am Rhein, to give a solo concert next year.

All in all then, I think I'll have a good memory of Germany.   

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