* UNIPER STU: performance degree students

* UNIACA STU: musicology degree students

* ACAPER STU: performance and musicology non-degree students

* PRIVATE STU: instrumentalists, singers, composers and conductors studying privately

* PRO: professional performers (individuals or groups), composers, conductors, academics, teachers and retired professionals

* PROF: professors, heads of faculties, lecturers and directors of higher education institutions

* ENTHU: Classical Music enthusiasts and amateurs

* MONO: solo artists, composers and academics

* POLY: instrumental or vocal ensembles and orchestras

* PERI PRO: peripatetic secondary school teachers

* SCHOOL PRO: secondary school class music teachers and heads of music departments

* SCHOOL MUS: secondary school music departments

* KEYS: keyboard players

* VOCE: singers

* STRINGS: string players

* WIND: wind players

* BRASS: brass players

* STICKS: percussionists

* MAESTRO: conductors

* COPYRIGHT: composers and academic writers

* INSTITUTO: institutions, music schools and examination boards
* VENUE: Classical Music venues

* AGENT: artist agents

* FESTIVAL: Classical Music festivals

* CLASS: master-classes and workshops

* SOCIETY: societies, charities and organizations that support Classical Music

* PRIZE: competitions and organizations/award bodies that provide funding/awards for classical musicians

* CDVD: record labels, recording engineers and students

* PUBLISH: publishers

* MUSHOP: Classical Music shops

* WEBSERV: all Classical Music online services


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