So, hello :)

As stated above, I am an undergrad at Trinity music college, which means I've been here all of two weeks. My third week is going well so far; all my lessons have now started.

Applied Musicianship is a scary class where we have to do a lot of aural skills, and also chord naming (in figured bass AND commerical notation, nonetheless) and playing things by ear.

Professional Studies is a fairly new one on the syllabus, and is basically made up of a variety of lessons - at the moment we have about 5 or 6 weeks of 'The Healthy Musician' where the teacher stands and talks to us about how we will all suffer terrible problems that we can't do anything about. Lovely jubbly.

Woodwind Class gives us a chance to play orchestral works all together, which is really cool :) it got off to a bit of a rocky start, but it'll get better once we know one another and aren't so afraid of playing to each other!

Flute class was scary, I won't talk about that too much, 'cept they kept going on about hours and hours of scales and articulation practise. Jolly good.

My first lesson with Julian was lovely, I really like him! There seem to be a couple of things wrong with my flute - some of the pads on my keys have been worn down and now aren't closing properly, which means that a lot of air is escaping where it shouldn't be, meaning I can't produce a big enough sound! Poo!

And Musical Studies, which I had today, is my favourite class of all. We analyse music and get to write essays and, as geeky as this sounds, I really love writing music essays! Almost as much as I love playing - it's a close call. And the teacher is awesome, very inspirational and comfortable with all of us.

Trinity is turning out to be as awesome as I hoped! Now, off to practise! 

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